High Power Rifle Team

One noteworthy activity of the Club is the NOAAWIVAA High Power Service Rifle Team. By participating in the Team, you will learn to shoot a rifle WELL. Even if you’re a so-so marksman now, we can make you an Annie Oakley. We have fun at team practices and going on the road to matches. Each season, we hold spring training for new shooters starting in early March.  We compete every month in official NRA matches at Bridgeville, Delaware.  We field teams at the CMP Eastern Games in North Carolina and the State Championships in Quantico, and compete in the National Matches at Camp Perry Ohio in late July. We also have a very active Junior team (ages 14-20), and, for our retired and active military members, we participate in the LantFlt/All-Navy matches at Dam Neck or Quantico each spring.

Club members may check out a Club rifle (if they need it) and practice on their own between team meetings. We have ten AR-15s for checkout, both match and service grade, and five service grade M1 Garands. Service grade rifle rental is $15/month; match grade slightly more. You may use your personally owned M1, M1A, or AR-15 to compete, if it meets the current Service Rifle rules. We also do 100-yard unofficial “NRA Rules” High Power Matches at T’s Corner once a month, starting in March, to get everyone used to the rules and positions. Vintage bolt action rifles are sometimes seen there as well!  See the Calendar for dates.  These matches include an hour of safety and position training before the match starts. We also often schedule team practice shoots at 200 and 300 yard locations just before important matches.

Even if you start out using commercial or military surplus ammo, sooner or later you will want to start reloading, both to bring down cost, and because you can develop a load specifically tuned to your rifle. We schedule reloading and load development workshops as required to show you how to load, develop and test match ammunition for your rifle. We also occasionally coordinate bulk buys on reloading presses, ARs, primers, bullets, brass, and powder, to bring the cost down for everyone.

If you know anyone else who would like to be on the Team, please let him or her know about this activity. We especially want to reach out to women, Juniors, and 20-somethings, and if you know anyone who shot in a military or police rifle team in the past, let him or her know about us. Our Junior team is very active; check out our Facebook site at “NOAAWIVA Junior Rifle Team.”

Welcome to NOAAWIVA, and to High Power rifle competition!

NOAAWIVA Rifle Team Captain Jim Brady awards this

month’s Junior Champion Trophy to Collin Cold




Rifle is a very popular sport for both men and women at American colleges and universities. Nearly a thousand universities and colleges award one or more scholarships to talented rifle shooters. They then compete in collegiate and intercollegiate matches and possibly also national championships, as well as ISU and Olympic competitions depending on their discipline. Here are some of the colleges with teams:


U of Akron

U of Alabama – Birmingham

U of Alaska – Fairbanks

Austin Peay State University

Birmingham-Southern College

The Citadel

Duquesne University

Jacksonville State

John Jay College

U of Kentucky

Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.

Massachusetts Maritime

U of Memphis

Mercer University

U of Mississippi

U of Missouri – KC

Morehead State University

Murray State University

U of Nebraska

U of Nevada – Reno

North Carolina State University

Norwich University

Ohio State University

Rose-Hulman Inst. of Tech.

Saint Louis University

U of San Francisco

U of Sciences in Philadelphia

SUNY Maritime

U of Tennessee – Martin

Tennessee Technological University

U of Texas – El Paso

Texas Christian University

U.S. Air Force Academy (schedule, roster)

U.S. Coast Guard Academy

U.S. Military Academy

U.S. Naval Academy

Virginia Military Institute

Wentworth Inst. of Tech. am.. West Virginia

U of Wisconsin – Oshkosh

Wofford College

Xavier University

For more general info take a look at these sites: